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        About us
        董事長致辭/PRESIDENT SPEECH




                Stay true to the original mission and forge ahead. The vision of ANGANG GROUP INTERNATIONAL TRADE CORPORATION LTD.("AITC") is becoming the most competitive trade and investment enterprise!   
               To achieve this goal, AITC will unswervingly focus on “The Six Strategies”, i.e.,  expanding the raw material industry, strengthening the Steel trade, developing the third party business, building international investment and financing platformmaking profit by financial investment; facilitating global cooperation on production capacity, exploring related industries and promoting the transformation and innovation of AITC.On the new journey of innovation and transformation, our company will:       
                ——牢牢把握 “兩個基本點”:改革和創新,將改革和創新作為所有工作的主旋律,以改革謀出路,以創新求發展。

              Firmly stick to the ‘Two Basic Points’--reformation and innovation, taking these two points as the theme of all work, to solve the problems by reforming and to develop by innovating.    

                Hold on to the ‘Three Keynotes’:  Making every effort to complete the tasks assigned by ANGANG Group, searching for new business opportunities for long term growth to create a sustainable development model, pioneering the international comprehensive strategy of Angang Group to seek new developing 


               Strengthen the ‘Four Abilities’: improving the ability of innovating and profit-making, enhancing the ability to seize the market opportunities, developing the core competiveness and promoting the ability of developing sustainably.
                Reinforce the ‘Five Constructings’: constructing an innovative management team by emancipating the mind, changing  conceptions and updating the ideas of development, constructing the staff team in accordance with international standards by deepening the reform, taking multiple measures simultaneously and stimulating the internal vitality, constructing a modern management system that caters to the development strategy by enhancing management, hedging against risks and improving operational efficiency, constructing  harmonious AITC that features honesty and integrity and enhances happiness by performing the duties seriously and implementing ‘one position, two responsibilities’policy, constructing the most competitive trade and investment enterprise by seizing the opportunities,  expanding the market and creating new sources of growth.   
                Where there is a will, there is a way. We will lead the staff to keep on with daring initiative, perseverance, dedication and pragmatic working style. We will eliminate the outdated and innovate, take responsibilities and plan overall. We will improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity with outstanding performance and achievement. Together we will create a brighter future for AITC.  
               Together with the associated organizations, the social communities and the global customers, AITC is willing to jointly build consensus, deepen cooperation, operate with integrity, and create mutual benefits and to create a better future!


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